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Easy to use

Automatically match multiple network modes and connect you with China in just one tap.

Worldwide Servers

Exclusive nodes across the world , providing the fastest connection to China.

Terminal Sharing

Support multiple terminals online. You can share HelloCN account with your family.


Use high - order algorithm to encrypt the transmission, protecting your privacy and data security.

What can you do with HelloCN?

Play Game

Honor Of Kings, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, League of Legends: Wild Rift, DNF...

Enjoy Streaming

NetEase Cloud Music, QQMusic, Himalaya, Bilibili, IQIYI, QQLive, YOUKU, MangoTV...

Watch Live

Douyu, HUYA, CCTV5, Tencent Sports, PPSPORT...

Other Acceleration

HelloCN also supports Taobao, Stocks software and some business needs...

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Over 2 million users have used HelloCN

I have tried a lot of boosters, but in the end, only HelloCN works well. The main reason is that the operation is simple, the speed is fast, and there is no disconnection. It is very easy to use.
Jiawei Li

2022-1-31 08:31:11

The most painful thing for working overseas is that browsing Chinese web pages is often restricted. And HelloCN can help me connect to China , which solved my troubles. I really want to give developers a thumbs up!

2022-2-7 15:43:01

A must-have APP for international students! With HelloCN, I can watch the latest Chinese TV dramas while studying abroad. Watching ultra-clear videos is also very smooth. It is a highly recommended APP.

2022-2-13 12:13:41

In Australia, the delay of playing Honor Of Kings is usually more than 350ms. After using the HelloCN , the game has less pings, which greatly improves my game experience.
Jack Wang

2022-2-16 22:13:41

I have been using HelloCN for more than half a year. Whether watching TV shows or playing games, it is very stable. It is a very valuable APP. I recommend it to everyone.

2022-3-1 15:13:12

A very good booster. The after-sales service is also worthy of five-star praise. The customer service was very responsible for the problem and handled it in a timely manner.

2022-1-31 08:31:11